From traditional to contemporary, casual to formal, you can add dramatic light control with our energy efficient Fire Retardant Faux Wood Shutters. Our Shutters combined the traditional warmth and beauty of natural wood with the practical advantage of high-tech materials and modern design. Ruggedized cap stock enhances surface integrity to resist moisture, heat and UV rays, making it the perfect solution for high humidity areas. No fading, chipping, warping or denting.

Like finely crafted wood furniture, the natural beauty of Sunborn Wood Shutters will add richness and warmth to your home. Custom crafted with premium quality hardwood and state of the art technology, these shutters have a superb lustrous finish, superior structural integrity and excellent durability. Available in popular shades of white and deep, rich stains, Sunborn Wood Shutters will add a touch of timeless elegance to any decor.

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